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Knutson Towboat Company provides natural resource and other specialized material transportation through our separate transportation company , Koos Transportation, LLC. Our principal business is log trucking. We maintain one of the largest log truck fleets in southwestern Oregon. We also transport aggregate, pipe and heavy equipment. This is a brief description of the services ...

Key Benefits


Knutson Towboat Company through its Transportation Division, Koos Transportation, LLC, offers a broad range of natural resource and heavy material transportation services. Truck Dispatch may be reached by calling our Truck Dispatcher at phone:  (541) 269-1634 or (541) 267-0178.

  Log Trucking
We maintain one of the largest, most cost effective, and efficient log trucking fleets in the Southwestern Oregon region.
  Aggregate and Material Trucking
We maintain trucking capability for handling rock, bark, pipe, and other materials. We also offer a dump truck.
  Lowboy Trucking
Our lowboy trucking capability offers specialized heavy equipment moving.
  Specialized and Custom Heavy Trucking Services
During a recent major regional pipeline construction project, our log trucks were quickly converted to haul large amounts of large diameter pipe for the general construction contractor to ensure timely delivery of a large volume of pipe to project sites throughout the region.

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